WATCH: Boston Pastor Falls on His Head While Attempting Trampoline Stunt to Demonstrate the Gospel During Church Service

Pastor Matthew K. Thompson of Jubilee Church

A Boston pastor is finding the good in a bit of comedy that resulted from him falling on his head when attempting to jump on a trampoline. The video has gone viral.

“It’s funny,” Pastor Matthew K. Thompson of Jubilee Church told Fox News.

“I remember thinking to myself, O. M. G. and I land like right on my head … maybe like 800 people there. They just gasp and I’m just laying on the floor. So I just roll over and I say a righteous man falls and gets back up … so I got back and continued to preach.”

The clip in question is from Thompson’s last Sunday sermon of 2018, which he uploaded on Instagram.

In the sermon, the pastor uses the trampoline as an analogy for people needing God’s help to get over the hurdles in life.


“I brought up a trampoline to demonstrate that you need the Power of God to help you get OVER IT!!!” the pastor wrote online.

“WELL… AS YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HAS GONE VIRAL…. Just to let you know I got back up again and finished Preaching!!! 2019 is the year YOU WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN… AND GET OVER IT!!!”

WCVB pointed out that the video has been viewed over three million times across social media platforms.

“I go to jump on the trampoline, and the trampoline slipped and I was in the air,” Thompson said when describing his slip.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov