Skier Saw the Afterlife After She Died for 20 Minutes in Avalanche

A BRITISH skier who ‘died’ for 20 MINUTES after being trapped in an avalanche revealed today how she “saw a peaceful forest” while experiencing the “afterlife”.

Rhianna Shaw, 29, said “everything became so peaceful” after she made the chilling decision to stop breathing following a clash on the slopes in February 2012.

She had been skiing with friends at the St Anton ski resort in Austria, when she collided into another skier.

But as both of her ski’s flew off her feet and she tumbled along the slope, she felt what she thought was a “wash of snow” shower her. But that ‘snow shower’ turned out to be her worst nightmare.

Rhianna, from Chichester, West Sussex, told Sun Online: “Our crash was so powerful, it created a massive fracture in the mountain and forcing a ledge to break off, setting off an avalanche which pushed me 200m down.

“But suddenly I stopped moving and all I could feel was this weight. Heavy snow just stopping me from moving, seeing and thinking. I could feel everything, but within seconds I couldn’t breathe. I was just focusing on breathing.

“I tried to scream, but it became apparent that no one could hear me. So I decided to stop breathing. And everything became so peaceful.”

Rhianna initially thought she was having a vivid dream, because she can recount a number of journeys after a night’s sleep.

But this was different. She had died, but her brain was still ticking.

She said: “I started walking along a pathway in this peaceful, pale forest. It had big tall evergreens on either side.

“Everything was as bright as day. Weirdly it was so calming, and it looked like there was some kind of snow on the ground but not like snow as we know it.”

Rhianna believes she was conscious for at least five minutes before she decided to let herself die.

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Source: the Sun