Pro-Life Christian Lawyer With Jubilee Campaign in Coma After Being Hit by Car Two Days Before Christmas

Samuel B. Casey and his wife, Jill, pose for a photo while taking part in the 2017 March for Life in Washington, D.C. | PHOTO: FACEBOOK/SAMUEL B. CASEY

A well-respected pro-life Christian lawyer with the Jubilee Campaign has been in a coma since being struck by a car two days before Christmas.

Samuel B. Casey was airlifted to the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte on Dec. 22 after he was struck from behind while riding his bike.

In an update posted by Casey’s son, Sam, on new year’s eve doctors elected to take the breathing tube out and perform a tracheotomy (an incision in the throat) for his airway. Tracheotomies are often performed when patients have been in a coma for several days as a result of a severe head injury. Additionally, doctors inserted a feeding tube into his stomach.

“For those of you that know my dad he is an incredibly generous and inspirational person,” Sam wrote of his father on a GoFundMe account. “An amazing father, husband and grandfather. He has helped champion and care for so many people in need throughout his life.”

Sam wrote that his father engages in his love for cycling as a way to “connect with others riding for numerous charitable causes.” The 67-year-old Casey road for such causes as Project 658 and has raised money for Team Samaritan House by competing in Ride the Rockies.

“We are asking for your help as my dad fights for his own life and recovery,” Sam wrote.

In another update posted to Caring Bridge on Wednesday. Sam said his father “came through surgery for his tracheotomy and feeding tube.”

“His eyes and neck followed my talking across the room yesterday,” Casey wrote. “So Grateful to the LORD!  We await the LORD telling Sam he can move his toes now.”

The Christian Post reached out to Sam Casey Thursday for clarification on his father’s status.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith