Beth Moore Sparks Fiery Debate Online After Saying ‘Spending Time With God and Spending Time With the Bible Are Not the Same Thing’

Popular Bible teacher and author Beth Moore has sparked a fiery debate online about whether spending time reading the Bible is the same thing as spending time with God.

“Spending time with God and spending time with the Bible are not the same thing. The Bible is the Word of God, crucial to knowing Him, but it’s not God. We can study our Bibles till the 2nd coming & leave God completely out of it. We can grow in facts & never grow a whit in faith,” Moore declared in an initial tweet on the subject late Wednesday.

The tweet, which garnered thousands of reactions, included criticisms from some who pointed to John 1:1, which says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Others came to Moore’s defense.

The fiery debate forced Moore to further explain her point in two more tweets. She maintained that people can read Scripture and remain unchanged — this is a sign that they are reading the Bible without God’s presence.

“Do not be deceived. People who study the Scriptures constantly and are continually mean-spirited, rude, slanderous and, aside their religious rhetoric, bereft of outward evidences of the Holy Spirit are having Bible study without God. He affects us. You can take that to the bank,” she said as the debate raged on.

“I will emphasize once more that my point is NOT studying Scripture less. I am a proponent of daily Bible study. It’s my practice. My life work and my delight. My point is that we need God in our study of His Word. I’m just saying don’t leave Jesus out of Bible study.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair