32-Year-Old New York Woman Allegedly Posed as 15-Year-Old Homeless Girl to Enroll in High-School Courses Even Though She Already Had a High-School Diploma

A 32-year-old woman allegedly pretended to be a 15-year-old homeless girl in order to enroll in high-school classes in a New York school district, local news station WNYT reports. Michaelann Goodrich was arrested on Dec. 28 and charged with “offering a false instrument for filing, falsifying business records, and criminal trespassing” after she allegedly posed as a 15-year-old girl named Riley Madison to Cairo-Durham School District administrators. She reportedly attended only one day of classes at Cairo-Durham High School on Dec. 20, and rode the bus to and from school that day. According to the station, she did not show up to school on Dec. 21—the last day before the school’s break. Investigators found out that Goodrich already had a high-school diploma, authorities said. It remains unclear why Goodrich decided to enroll in classes. According to District Superintendent Anthony Taibi, the McKinney-Vento Act mandates the district immediately admit homeless children. He said the district properly followed federal guidelines. The case is still active, and investigators asked those who made contact with Goodrich to speak to Greene County Sheriff’s Office.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast