WATCH: Video of 6-Year-Old Boy Who Told Congregation ‘I’m Tired of This Church’ During Christmas Day Speech Goes Viral

Naszir Ferrell tells congregation “I’m tired of this church” on December 25, 2018. (Inset) at a wedding in 2017. | (Photos: Facebook)

A 6-year-old boy from Oakland, California, who told a congregation “I’m tired of this church” during a Christmas Day speech in a now viral video clip, got a spanking for his defiance from his father and a rebuke from the pastor.

Dominique Ferrell, father of young Naszir Ferrell, revealed during a Facebook interview with South Carolina pastor Lenny Gaines, “I fired on him” after finding out what his son had done.

In that same interview, Naszir also explained in his own words what happened that day.

“I was with my grandma at church. She didn’t let me do the speech because I didn’t practice it (the speech). I started getting mad and I went up on stage, I said ‘I’m tired of this church.’” He noted that the pastor of the church took him in the bathroom and told him, “don’t do that again.”

The church was one that Naszir’s grandma’s friend attends. Naszir does not attend it regularly.

The recording of the moment shows how Naszir, dressed in a polo shirt tucked inside blue jeans rolled up at his ankles, defiantly handed the microphone back to an emcee and walked off with his head down. Some of the congregants who heard his statement could be heard gasping “Oh!” while one woman declared “that’s a beautiful speech.”

Even though he disciplined his son for the outburst, Dominique Ferrell said he had warned his mother that his son wasn’t prepared to do the speech.

“My mom’s best friend, she want him to do the speech real bad and I already told my mom, he don’t know it so don’t force him to get up there and try to do it and then him getting all camera shy. They ended up putting him there anyway,” he said.

He further explained that he was raised by a single mother who taught him that if he had something on his heart he should “let it be known.” He taught that same lesson to his son but he did not expect him to practice it in church.

Nazsir, who is a kindergartner, said he is also a “little bit tired” of school and prefers to spend his time playing basketball.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair