#ShoutYourAbortion Co-Founder Tells Children That Abortion Is a ‘Part of God’s Plan’

Abortions are a “part of God’s plan” #ShoutYourAbortion co-founder Amelia Bonow told young kids in a YouTube video.

According to the Christian Post, in an episode of “Kids Meet” on the HiHo Kids YouTube channel, Bonow met with six kids of varying ages to ask them what they thought about abortions. While most of the kids seemed to agree with the abortion advocate, one kid softly pushed back.

Bonow asked a young boy, who previously disclosed to the activist that he believed that abortion was for the most part acceptable, if he believed that there were any reasons why it would not be okay.

He said, “I want to say if you’re being reckless, if there is nothing wrong going on.”

Bonow asked the boy if he was religious, to which he said, “I believe in God.”

She followed up by asking, “What do you think that God thinks about abortion?”

The young boy responded noting that he thinks God would be “fine with it” because people are still having kids.

The boy then turned the question on Bonow. She answered, “I think it’s all part of God’s plan.”

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Source: Christian Headlines