Judge Puts $1M Bond on Flight Risk Hit-and-Run Driver ‘Who Killed Two-Year-Old Boy Sleeping in Stroller’

Satwinder P. Singh (right) was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide Wednesday in the Ohio hit and run death of two-year-old Dameon Turner Jr (left)

An Ohio man accused of killing a two-year-old boy in a hit and run incident was ‘under the influence of serious drugs’ despite a ban, when law enforcement found him and had to revive him with Narcan before his arrest.

Satwinder P. Singh, 31, could reportedly be heard wailing after a hearing in a Cincinnati court Wednesday as he faced aggravated homicide charges for running over Dameon Turner Jr. while he slept in his stroller on Sunday.

The incident occurred around 3pm and the baby died on Monday as a result of his injuries.

But prosecutor David Wood said as the suspect appeared handcuffed and wearing a yellow jumpsuit at Hamilton County Municipal Court, that Singh wasn’t even supposed to be operating a vehicle after a prior charge for driving under the influence.

He had been ordered not to drive or use drugs and alcohol following a Newport arrest on December 22 where he was charged with driving with expired plates, failure to maintain a required insurance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

But only eight days after the incident where he was also found in possession of cocaine and faced an OVI charge, Singh’s red 2017 Dodge Ram pickup truck plowed into the child and his father, Dameon Turner Sr, on Hopple Street.

Law enforcement said Singh initially stopped after the collision, but fled the scene at which the toddler’s mother Britney Hutcherson was present but not hit, after witnessing the extent of the youngster’s injuries.

When police found Singh at a BP gas station nearby on the same street, he had to receive emergency treatment at University Hospital Medical Center for a drug overdose.

‘While the defendant was being interviewed on this charge he was falling asleep,’ Wood said. ‘He had to be taken to University Hospital where he was Narcan-ed, which had a positive effect, indicating the defendant was under the influence of serious drugs.’

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Source: Daily Mail