‘In God We Trust’ Will Be on All New Mississippi License Plates

Mississippi drivers who need new car tags this year will receive a standard license plate with the state seal and the national motto: In God We Trust.

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant unveiled the new license plates in a May Twitter message. Unlike other states which offer only a specialty “In God We Trust” license plate, Mississippi’s plate is standard and issued to every driver.

“I was proud to sign legislation in 2014 that added the United States National Motto, ‘In God We Trust,’ to the Mississippi State Seal,” Bryan wrote in May. “Today, I am equally delighted to announce that it will adorn our new Mississippi license plates.”

The new license plates were issued for the first time this month. They show an eagle in the middle, with the phrase “The Great Seal Of The State Of Mississippi” at the top and “In God We Trust” at the bottom.

The American Humanist Association criticized the new plates, saying they are unconstitutional.

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Source: Christian Headlines