Gospel Singer Vicki Yohe Accuses Pastor David E. Taylor of Being Cult Leader; Admits That She Had a 16-Month Sexual Relationship With Him

Gospel singer Vicki Yohe claims she engaged in premarital sex during a 16-month relationship with controversial Missouri Pastor David E. Taylor of Joshua Media Ministries International, whom she accuses of being a cult leader.

Taylor responded by saying that Yohe’s claims are untrue, and that he has a “face to face” relationship with God and is under attack by demons.

In a Facebook live video, Yohe said she began her relationship with the emerging minister after he took her under his wing following the backlash she received for posting an Instagram meme of Jesus heading back to the White House after President Donald Trump was sworn in.

Because of her predominantly black church following, Yohe was attacked and branded a “racist” by some. Many churches subsequently canceled ministry events with her, which led to her dependence on medication (a low dose of Adderall) to cope, she revealed in the video.

She refrained from naming Taylor in the 25-minute video but followed the live clip by posting pictures of the two cozy together along with screenshots of seemingly late-night video chats.

Yohe described a trip she took with Taylor and his ministry to Israel where she first noticed what she called his “controlling and manipulative” behavior. She was allegedly attacked by Taylor’s assistants after making some remarks they deemed inappropriate. She said Taylor refused to meet with her in Israel to address the issue even though they were already dating. Instead, his assistants proceeded to put her in a room and corrected her to the point of tears.

Yohe claimed she was so brainwashed by Taylor that she just gave in and accepted everything they said about her. She also ignored the red flags of Taylor never once answering her calls. He would only call or video chat with her when it was convenient for him during the course of their long-distance relationship.

After some time, Yohe received a private message from one of the minister’s other alleged girlfriends who showed her proof that Taylor was also engaged in a relationship with her.

“He’s big with gifts, that’s what he does. He lavishes women with gifts,” Yohe said in the live video. “I got this Jaguar. I got $945 red bottoms two days ago, those ain’t going back.”

Although Yohe’s video was meant to expose Taylor’s behavior, she admitted that she loves his book, Face to Face, where he encourages people to see Jesus face to face and claims that he has many times.

“He told me that if I came against his ministry that I’m going to get cancer and would die,” she claimed while breaking down in tears. “He thinks because I did this that I’m a traitor. But it’s not OK to treat women like this.”

The 53-year-old songstress then confessed that she had gone against Christian ethics by engaging in lewd behavior with the church leader.

“I’m not perfect at all but I was vulnerable and I wanted to please him so much. He has pictures of me that are not appropriate. He has them, I know it was wrong but I thought this was the man that I was going to marry, spend the rest of my life with,” she confessed with tears.

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Source: Christian Post