Angry Male McDonald’s Customer Who Grabbed Female Worker by the Neck Gets More Than He Bargained for With Her Withering Ali-Style Right Hook

A white Florida transient was detained after he was filmed brutally attacking a black female fast food employee on New Year’s Eve who bravely fought back.

Daniel Taylor, 40, was charged with two counts of simple battery for the wild altercation that took place at the McDonald’s in St. Petersburg on Monday.

In the shocking video, that has since gone viral, Taylor lunges at the black woman and drags her nearly across the counter.

But the woman soon resists, pulling Taylor back and then frantically punches the man in retaliation.

People in the background can be heard asking for the police as the woman pummels the man and demands that he ‘stops playing with her.’

A coworker appears to try to pull the woman off the man but her grip was tight and lethal. He rushed over to Taylor and managed to separate the two.

The irate employee also screamed obscenities at her assailant.

At this moment, the manager comes over to ‘assess’ the situation and asks the customer what was wrong with his order.

As the woman calms herself down and looks for her phone, a battered Taylor screams: ‘I want her a*s fired.’

But the woman quickly retorts: ‘No, you’re going to jail!’

Taylor then asserts that he was simply asking a question before adding ‘b***h’ as the clip comes to an end.

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Source: Daily Mail