Students Warned Against Spreading a ‘Tainted Gospel’ at 2018 Urbana Missions Conference

Scott Bessenecker, director of missions at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, speaks at Urbana 2018 in St. Louis. | Screenshot: Urbana

Thousands of students attending the popular Urbana Missions Conference in St. Louis were warned against spreading a “tainted Gospel.”

“We’re at a missions conference. We’re learning what it takes to follow Jesus as we carry the Good News about this new government and this new king and this new economy to others,” said Scott Bessenecker, director of missions at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, at Urbana over the weekend.

“Should we not first divest ourselves of Babylon? Otherwise, we end up bringing a Babylon-tainted Gospel to the world like blankets with smallpox given to our indigenous neighbors. We’re offering an infected Gospel laced with racism, hyper-individualism, patriarchy, environmental abuse, greed, consumerism.”

Preaching from Revelation 18, Bessenecker contended that Christians today are supporting a modern-day “Babylon” that represses, exploits and marginalizes people through their consumerism and love of “stuff,” among other things.

The missions director admitted his own guilt, noting that he realized some of the funds in his retirement portfolio went toward energy companies that paid governments in Syria and Sudan for drilling rights. And these governments “were using these funds to commit genocide in order to secure those oil fields,” he noted.

“My retirement was funding genocide,” he acknowledged. “I was invested in ‘Babylon.’”

The purchases many Christians make, including the latest smartphones and clothing, support an economy that “thrives on cheap labor,” produces “enormous wealth for a few” and plunders the earth’s resources, he continued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Sheryl Lynn