Nolan Harkness: The Beauty of Heaven

I had been asked to speak at a Bible study, so I was praying for a message to share. Sometime during that same night I had an unforgettable dream! In the dream I felt like I was floating while I was looking at this opening in a wall that was some distance away. Although I could not see Him, I just knew the Lord was right there beside me.

Through this large opening in the wall I could see a golden light. I am somewhat familiar with the many different types of lighting that exist in the world today; incandescent, fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, quartz, and LED, but I had never seen light that looked like that light! It reminded me of diffused gold. It was bright but not blinding, and beautiful but not of its own self, captivating. The very next thought that went through my mind was “Lord, can I go in, can I go in?”

No sooner had I made my request and we started floating right toward that opening. As we passed through, I saw sights, which as the Apostle Paul said, no earthly words can fully describe. I saw something that I had not previously known about.

I saw an entire city of pure gold. The buildings had door openings and window openings but no doors or windows. Yes the streets are gold as the Bible says. They are made up of large shining cobblestones. They were absolutely stunning! As they say in the south “Well, stop my mouth” because what I had been saying for years I had to take back. Even as a kid, when I heard about the streets of gold of heaven, I used to say; “Lord, I’m just a country boy and I don’t care about any streets of gold of Heaven! Just give me a simple cabin down by the water in a little patch of woods and I will be happy!” However, when I saw that whole city with building outlines similar to that of Old Jerusalem made out of solid gold, it changed my whole perspective.

My very next thought was, “I wonder if I will see anyone here I know?” A friend that I had been seeing for a season, had endured the tragedy of having her mother and her sister die of cancer a year and a half apart. I had never met them; I only had seen pictures of them. However, no sooner did they come into my mind than there they were in front of me, with their arms around each other.  I will never forget the smiles on each of their faces! They went from ear to ear. I have never seen anyone smile like that here on earth. It was truly heavenly!

In actuality it seemed as if each desire of my heart was being granted. My next thought was, “What about the part of heaven that is called Paradise?” No sooner had I thought it than I was immediately standing in a huge field filled with flowers. They were of every color imaginable, and extended as far as I could see in both directions. Off in the distance were snow-capped mountains. Just as I was becoming mesmerized by all the stunning beauty that surrounded me, I woke up!

I remember quickly trying to go back to sleep and all the while praying, “Lord, take me back there, take me back there!” However sadly it wasn’t my time to stay, only to visit. I soon learned that God had a plan in it all!

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Nolan Harkness