Israel Reveals Its Border Wall Stopped 55,000 Illegal Immigrants from Entering as Some Critics Question 10-Foot Security Wall Around Obama’s Rental Home in Washington

A picture taken near the southern kibbutz of Lahav on Feb. 7, 2017,

As the government shutdown spurred by House Democrats’ refusal to grant President Donald Trump funding to build his border wall continues, it has been brought to light that Israel’s border wall with Egypt kept 55,000 illegal aliens from entering the nation, while other critics are pointing to former President Barack Obama’s hypocrisy in building his own massive security wall around his Washington, D.C. rental home.

But regardless of Democrats’ and other open borders advocates’ argument that border walls are not effective or beneficial for the economy or national security, America’s greatest ally in the Middle East has proof that walls do, in fact, work.

Walls work

The mayor of Shiloh, Israel, David Rubin, recently shared the action his nation took to ultimately end the immigration problem threatening its national security and economy, which was to build a wall across Israel’s southern border with Egypt – and the project ended up completely eliminating the problem.

“It’s a lesson many conservatives are hoping will get through to Democrats who say a wall is immoral or dangerous and just won’t work,” WND reported.

The wall’s success has proven the Democrats’ pro-immigration, anti-wall argument that “walls don’t work” to be consummately false.

“It works,” Rubin told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about Israel’s border wall in an interview on his show, according to WND. “The fact is, now nobody’s complaining. Everyone’s happy we don’t have illegal immigrants in Israel.”

The Israeli mayor presented the numbers to buffer his argument, revealing that when Israel had no wall, tens of thousands of illegals penetrated the Israeli border from the south, which wreaked havoc across the nation.

“Rubin explained that from 2010 to 2012, some 55,000 illegal immigrants came from Africa through Egypt into Israel,” WND noted from the interview. “In a tiny nation like Israel, he said, ‘that’s a lot,’ [and] the result was that crime rocketed in working class neighborhoods where they settled.”

Something had to be done about the immigrant problem, and the Israeli government wasted little time to take a major action step to end the detrimental flood of illegals into Israel.

“Grassroots interests around the country pressured the government, and Israeli officials finally agreed to build the wall,” WND recounted. “It was done in just a few years, and in 2016, there were only 11 illegal immigrants who entered Israel through that route.”

A year after its initial 2016 completion date, the Israeli government made security improvements to the wall and increased its height in 2017, and now, Rubin contends that the wall is virtually impenetrable by illegal immigrants.

“[T]here was not an illegal immigrant that made it through the southern border – not one,” Rubin informed Carlson.

Virtually all of the commenters on Fox’s video page came to the same resolution for America regarding its current immigration crisis, which is to build the wall without delay.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Michael F. Haverluck