Ohio Fails by One Vote to Override John Kasich’s Veto of Heartbeat Bill Banning Abortion at 6-Weeks

This photo taken June 5, 2012, outside the statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, shows a large balloon in support of the Heartbeat Bill. An Ohio bill that would have imposed the most stringent restriction on abortions in the nation met its end Tuesday. Senators don’t plan to vote on the so-called “heartbeat bill” before the end of the legislative session next month, Republican Senate President Tom Niehaus said, citing concerns the resulting law might have been found to be unconstitutional. (AP Photo/Ann Sanner)

The Ohio state legislature has failed by one vote to override Gov. John Kasich’s veto of a bill banning abortion as early as six weeks, which is when a baby’s heartbeat can first be detected.

Had it passed it would have been one of the most restrictive measures on abortion in the country. The fetal heartbeat bill would have made it illegal for doctors to perform surgical abortions at that stage, subjecting them to one year in prison if found guilty of doing so.

The state Senate needed 20 votes for an override. Without debate, only 19 senators voted to do so and 13 voted against the veto on Thursday.

The bill is likely to return next year and Governor-elect Mike DeWine, a Republican and longtime pro-life voice, has indicated he would support it. Should he sign it into law it’s expected to be challenged in court.

In vetoing the bill, Kasich, a Republican who has supported pro-life measures in the past, said the state would be mired in expensive litigation. Last year, Kasich signed a bill into law banning abortions solely on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis.

“The key vote was cast by Republican Sen. Bill Beagle, R-Tipp City, who is term-limited out of office in a week and will join the treasurer’s office. Earlier this month he voted for the bill; Thursday he joined four other Republicans in voting against an override,” Cincinnati.com reported Wednesday.

Pro-life advocates are voicing their disappointment with Kasich and the legislature’s failure to override his veto, but are hopeful for what is likely to occur in 2019 with DeWine in office and Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter