How This Christian Man is Making a ‘Home for God’ in Hollywood

Shawn Bolz is a man with a prophetic gift, who is using his ability to hear from God to help others, including entertainers in Hollywood.

Efrem Graham sat down with the author at his home and studio in Burbank, California to hear about his mission.

Efrem: “What’s the importance of prophecy in people’s lives?”

Shawn: “I think we have this omnipresent God who is everywhere at once and He is the only God who will have relationship, be present and connect with us right now, in the here and now.”

“Prophecy causes us to know that the God of all the universe, who is able to look at 7 point whatever billion people, is stepping into our moment and is saying, ‘I value you’.”

“People have this experience where they completely deny it or they go, I’m going to allow myself to be changed by this great love from God.”

Efrem: “You are really big with ministering to people on the street – to people who unfortunately, to the rest of the world, are invisible. Why does that group touch your heart so much?”

Shawn: “There’s things that God wants to do that He said He will always do. Isaiah 58 talks about loving the poor, loving the people who no one else sees.” “You can’t hear God’s heart without having compassion. You see what He sees. He’s looking at every act of injustice on the earth and He doesn’t turn His face away. He looks, and the closer you get to His heart you can’t help but see these kinds of things.”

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Source: CBN