How Illegal Immigrants Are Costing the American Taxpayer a Lot of Money

Defenders of increased immigration say it’s good for the US economy, noting that many immigrants will perform jobs Americans won’t.

But a new report shows that comes with a heavy price tag for the people already here.

Taxpayers foot the bill for welfare programs, and noncitizens are adding plenty to that cost. The Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies just added up all the numbers.

“We found that 63 percent of households headed by noncitizens had one or more people in that household using at least one welfare program,” stated Steven Camarota, who co-authored the new report with Karen Zeigler.

That’s almost double the rate of American-born citizens using welfare.

“In terms of food programs or Medicaid, the share of immigrant households with somebody using it is about twice that of the native-born,” Camarota continued.

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Source: CBN