DHS Sec. Nielsen Warns US Immigration System is at ‘Breaking Point’ After Another Child Dies in US Custody

Outrage over the way things are being handled at the US-Mexico border has sparked yet again due to the death of another young immigrant child.
Thousands of migrants continue to flood the US southern border each month — and trapped in the mix are children.
An 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died on Christmas Day while in US Border Control custody.
Felipe Gomez Alonzo’s death comes just weeks after a 7-year-old girl died. His mother told ABC News that he was not sick on the way to the US nor was he sick at home.
The boy died Monday at a New Mexico hospital where authorities say an autopsy shows he had the flu.
Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warns the country’s immigration system is at a “breaking point.”
 “Our system has been pushed to a breaking point by those who seek open borders,” Nielsen said in a statement. “Smugglers, traffickers, and their own parents put these minors at risk by embarking on the dangerous and arduous journey north.”
“This crisis is exacerbated by the increase in persons who are entering our custody suffering from severe respiratory illnesses or exhibit some other illness upon apprehension,” she added.