Asia Bibi’s Former Neighbors Want Her Executed for Allegedly Insulting Muhammad, Says There is No Forgiveness

Asia Bibi’s former neighbors believe she deserves to be executed for allegedly insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad even though her confession was coerced.

“She confessed her crime in front of them, how can they forgive her?” asked 50-year-old Mohammad Bota in an interview with The Telegraph on Thursday.

Ittan Wali in rural Punjab, Pakistan, is where Bibi, a Christian mother of five, was first accused nearly 10 years ago by fellow Muslim laborers of having insulted the Islamic prophet, a charge she has always denied.

The accusation of blasphemy, one of the most serious crimes in the Islamic-majority country, led to Bibi’s imprisonment on death row for eight years before she was finally acquitted by the Pakistani Supreme Court in October and granted freedom, though she is still being detained and unable to leave the country.

The controversial decision to free Bibi sparked widespread unrest and protests by Islamic hardliners in the country who declared their opposition to international pressure influencing the judges.

While persecution watchdog groups and human rights organizations have condemned Pakistan for its blasphemy laws, the villagers in Ittan Wali told the Telegraph that Bibi confessed to insulting their faith at the time and her death sentence should stand.

“I would die in the name of my religion and if someone has committed blasphemy, then they are not forgiven,” said 62-year-old farmer Shawkat Ali. “If the Supreme Court has some faith in religion and if they are Muslims, they should execute her.”

The villagers insist that after arguing with her co-workers, Bibi was sent to a local cleric to explain her words, which is where she allegedly confessed to insulting the Islamic prophet.

Qari Muhammad Salam, the cleric in question, argued that the Supreme Court’s ruling was “very disappointing,” and said Bibi “deserves the death sentence according to the law.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov