Bre Payton, Conservative Writer and Political Pundit, Dies at 26 After Sudden Illness

(Photo: Photo courtesy The Federalist)

Bre Payton — a staff writer for the conservative news and opinion site The Federalist — has died at the age of 26 after a sudden illness.

The Federalist confirmed Payton’s death on Friday, saying the writer died in San Diego, California. Payton’s illness became widely public on Friday morning, after San Diego-area politician Morgan Murtaugh tweeted that she had found Payton, a friend, unconscious on Thursday morning.

A profile on shared by Murtaugh says that Payton was battling the flu and “possibly meningitis.”

Murtaugh announced Payton’s death on Twitter Friday prompting numerous tributes, including condolences from Meghan McCain — daughter of the late Sen. John McCain — and a column from Washington Examiner editor Philip Klein.

“Many of you may have known Bre as a feisty, funny, and sarcastic Federalist author or from her frequent appearances on television. But anybody who met her in real life mainly knew her as a wonderful person,” Klein wrote.

Payton recently appeared on Fox News, criticizing media coverage of Melania Trump as “sexist.” In a Fox and Friends appearance earlier in 2018, she criticized media coverage of President Donald Trump as “fake, fake, fake news.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Joel Shannon