YouTube Changes Ranking of Its Search Results After Liberal Website Accuses It of Being ‘Too Pro-Life’

A search of the word “abortion” on the popular video sharing site YouTube, conducted by The Christian Post on Wednesday, December 26, 2018. |

YouTube has changed the ranking of its search results for “abortion” after a writer at a liberal website complained that the top content list was “biased” in favor of pro-life videos.

According to an article published by Slate on Dec. 21, a YouTube search of the word abortion produced numerous pro-life results. These results included videos of former abortion-provider-turned pro-life activist Antony Levatino and one by conservative commentator and editor of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro.

“When you Google ‘abortion,’ the top results are relatively staid considering the divisiveness of the topic in American life,” wrote April Glaser of Slate.

“If, until recently, you did the same over on Google-owned YouTube, it felt like you were searching in a whole other universe,” Glaser lamented, suggesting that facts about abortion procedures should be suppressed and hidden from the public.

After Slate contacted YouTube about its search results, the popular video-sharing site responded by down ranking the pro-life videos.

According to Glaser, YouTube didn’t explain how it changed the search results, with the site stating that it gives “a platform for free speech where anyone can choose to post videos, subject to our Community Guidelines.”

The Christian Post did its own YouTube search of the word abortion on Wednesday. The top result was a 4-year-old video titled “The Fake Abortion Clinics of America: Misconception,” by the left leaning pro-choice VICE News.

The top 10 results from CP‘s search included videos that featured news stories relating to abortion, a BuzzFeedVideo providing demographic information on the average abortion recipient and abortion statistics, some of which are debated, and a 16-minute commentary on abortion laws from liberal pro-abortion comedian John Oliver.

National Review staff writer Alexandra DeSanctis described Glaser’s efforts as a “censorious mission,” referring to the videos that used to be the top the search results as “every pro-abortion activist’s worst nightmare.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski