Don’t Make God a Stranger, Spend Time Talking With Him

For many of us, God is a stranger when it comes to His voice. We don’t spend time listening and talking to Him. Therefore, we don’t recognize His voice when He does speak to us.

I like to think about the complexities of how we were created and stand in awe of God. Most recently I was thinking about how each person on this entire earth has a different voice/sound to him or her. These sounds and voices come from all over, whether it is a thick southern accent by my friends in Tennessee or a Latino accent from my friends in Miami. Whoever it is, when I hear them, I know who it is immediately.

I started to think about it and realized that it’s not just our voice that is unique, but it is a combination of many things that allow us to be picked out from a crowd. Perhaps you can recognize your friend from far away because of the way he or she is walking. Maybe you recognize their handwriting or their writing style. The point is that our fingerprint is not the only thing unique about us. God made our voice unique because He created us in His image.

Jesus has a very distinct voice as well.

Jesus gives an analogy in John chapter 10 to this point about a shepherd and his sheep. He talks about how sheep know the shepherd’s voice and will follow the shepherd. He also talks about how they will run away from a stranger because they don’t recognize his voice.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, DailyPS