Families Post Pictures of ‘Green’, ‘Stinking’ Turkeys On Christmas, Blame Supermarkets for Selling Inedible Meat

Disgusted families have today taken to social media to complain that their Christmas was ruined because their supermarket turkeys were inedible.

Shoppers complained that birds purchased from Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer, Asda, Aldi and Lidl were rotten.

Some even posted pictures of their ruined ‘green’, ‘rancid’ and ‘stinking’ meals.

Kelly, who purchased an essential Waitrose butter basted turkey crown for Christmas Day, said her bird was inedible when defrosted.

She said: ‘Wasn’t able to eat it unfortunately – very much off! I think it hadn’t been packaged correctly – was all dry and bad.’

Kelly has contacted the supermarket who agreed to look into the situation.

Another supermarket shopper, Mandy Evans, said: ‘Well fabulous, one stinking, off turkey! Thanks very much and Happy Christmas it’s the last time I buy any meat from you.

‘You can have the stinking thing back tomorrow #turkey #aldi’

Leigh Tredget said she discovered her turkey was ‘rancid’ after opening the packaging on Tuesday morning – despite it having a ‘best before’ date of December 26.

She said: ‘@AldiUK opened my Christmas turkey to cook this morning and the thing is rancid.

‘Best before date is 26 December and it had been in the fridge since buying it Friday.’

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SOURCE: DailyMail