Derek Becher: A Christmas Prayer

Dear Lord

On this lovely, holy Eve,

Be with me, I pray

And guide me to understand your coming,

And why it is we celebrate, especially now.

Help me to look beyond the presents and their flowing ribbons;

Open my heart and my eyes, and help me to see and feel

The suffering that shakes our Earth.

Many hunger, and are cold and lonely

In this world of plenty;

And many stray from your light, by evil and its ways.

And the hustle and bustle,

How I fear it’s replaced the real joy we should feel.

That starry night so long ago

So quietly, peacefully, you entered our world

And through your love, your guidance, your sacrifice

You taught us to be good and kind to one another – to everyone.

Help us to look inside ourselves

To find you,

So that together, we may bring true happiness and peace

To everyone.

Help us to look beyond ourselves

So that we may embrace our world, and ease the pain.

Thy night is silent;

Thy night is holy.

Lord, Bless everyone with the joyful calmness of

Your arrival.


© 1998

SOURCE: Christian Post, Derek Becher