Sarah Dixon Young: Recognizing the Major Role of the Holy Spirit in the Christmas Story

Your church’s Christmas play probably hasn’t included someone dressed as the Holy Spirit.

You have Mary and Joseph, shepherds and wise men, sheep and donkeys. You might even have angels or a star. But no one casts the Holy Spirit.

The church ladies would have a hard time making a costume to accurately depict the Holy Spirit of God — and maybe no one should attempt a physical representation, but His role in the incarnation of Christ should not be forgotten or downplayed during the Christmas season.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is front and center in Matthew and Luke’s accounts of the birth of Christ. His activity brings about the entire narrative.

Although conception awes us for its complexity, even more so Mary’s conception of Jesus resulted from the spiritual intervention of the Holy Spirit.

God the Father ordained that His Holy Spirit would make it possible for a human woman to conceive Jesus Christ the Son. It is a New Testament reader’s first introduction to the Trinitarian nature of God, but it is so eloquently carried out that even a 5–year-old can understand the plot line. It is something that only God’s Spirit could do.

The Holy Spirit also plays leading roles in filling Zechariah, Elizabeth, Anna and Simeon. The result was that each was then able to speak God’s truth about the coming Messiah. Scripture describes them as devout, righteous God worshippers when the Holy Spirit acted in their lives to reveal God’s truth.

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Source: Baptist Press