China’s Communist Government Institutes Point Evaluation System for Arresting Christians, Orders Police to Meet Certain Quota or Be Fired

Police officers monitor a church service in China in this footage posted on March 22, 2018. | (Screenshot: YouTube/ITV News)

China’s Communist government has been threatening to fire police officers who fail to meet a quota for arresting Christians, according to one officer.

The officer from the city of Dalian, who wasn’t named, said the police station where he works received a quarterly performance assessment plan in September that lists the number of believers officers need to detain, according to his interview that was detailed in the religious liberty magazine Bitter Winter.

“The assessment is based on a 100-point evaluation system with specific scores assigned for each arrested believer depending on his or her faith. The highest scores are given to the most persecuted religious movements, such as Falun Gong or The Church of Almighty God,” the article revealed.

“For example, if a police station makes a breakthrough in a case against Falun Gong that is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Security, it scores 20 points. If the provincial Public Security Bureau manages the case, the score is lower — 10 points. An arrested regional leader of The Church of Almighty God will add to the station’s assessment basket 20 points; and a local church leader — half of it.”

If the quotas are not met, the station chief is at risk of being fired, the source revealed.

To meet the quotas, officers resort to trading and buying names of arrested Christians off each other.

The police officer said that he himself does not want to arrest innocent believers, but fears the consequences supervisors will have for him.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov