There Is a Demon Loose: Dozens of Prison Letters Sent to Chris Watts, Man Who Killed His Pregnant Wife & Kids, in Which Women and Men Profess Their Love for the Triple Murderer

In just a few weeks in prison, Chris Watts received close to 60 letters from complete strangers that expressed both love and hatred for the murderer.

A majority of the letters were from women, and many of these included photos that the sender purported to be of them as well as promises to send more images or add money to Watts’ commissary account.

Other letters, which were obtained by after filing a request under the Colorado Open Records Act, were from individuals wishing death on Watts, and expressing a desire that he be both physically and sexually assaulted behind bars.

There were also a few certified letters for Watts, including one from his employer Anadarko informing him that he had been terminated on the same day he confessed to killing his wife and disposing of his daughters’ bodies in oil tanks.

NBC and ABC producers also wrote to Watts on numerous occasions seeking interviews.

It does not appear that Watts wrote back to any of the women based on follow-up notes from a few of the senders, who often included more photos and expressed their love for the felon and belief that he was innocent of all crimes.

Watts’ more persistent fan was a young grandmother living in Hawaii who sent him at least 5 letters during the first six weeks that he was incarcerated at the Weld County Jail.

Laurel often wrote Watts letters that were three or four pages long, and included post cards from Hawaii.

‘I’m not expecting to hear back from you (at least not yet) and I totally understand. Andt  my purpose in writing to you is to solely give you a glimmer of HOPE, and maybe a laugh or smile,’ she wrote in a letter sent in late September.

‘Things have a way of turning around. Try to keep your thoughts positive my dear. You can get through this !!!’

She then added before signing off: ‘Until next week. Keep the faith.’

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Source: Daily Mail