Christian Comedian John Crist Tells Critics of John Gray & Lauren Daigle to ‘Just Shut Up’

Christian comedian John Crist told critics to “just shut up” after many people criticized Lauren Daigle for avoiding answering a question about her views on homosexuality.

The comedian, who is known for being blunt took to Instagram on Wednesday to address the recent string of criticism Lauren Daigle has been getting. He said, “Lauren Daigle, has done more for the kingdom in a year, then you will do in five lifetimes, I’m sorry.”

Noting that he was very passionate about the topic Crist then said, “If you’re gonna come out with your pious John Gray or Lauren Daigle trash talk, then every tweet, every song that gets played, every post, every Instagram that glorifies the name of Lord, you should just be celebrating, like, ‘Thank you! We love you.’ If you’re not, then just shut up.”

According to Faithwire, Crist commented on the Gray situation saying, “Here’s my point: all of y’all are jumping on this man like, ‘Ah, let’s kill him! Like, first of all, what if he saved up for 20 years for that? You don’t know that,” Crist urged. “What if he gives millions of dollars to the poor? You don’t know that. What if he didn’t take anything from his church? You don’t know that,” the comedian added.

Like he told Daigle’s critics to “just shut up,” Crist encouraged Gray’s critics to similarly “shut your mouth.”

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Source: Christian Headlines