2 in 5 British Millennials Don’t Know That Jesus is the Baby in Nativity Scene Displays

A survey has found that as many as two out of five British millennials do not know that Jesus Christ is the baby in Nativity scene displays.

The survey, carried out by research company OnePoll on behalf of Hotels.com, found that 39 percent of 2,000 Britons aged between 21 and 38 did not know the baby’s identity. A similar amount, or 37 percent of respondents, also did not know about Joseph and Mary, Jesus’ earthly parents.

The poll, which examined a number of other questions regarding family and Christmas, found that less than 10 percent of young people were able to name the gifts by the three wise men in the story, namely gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Six percent said that they believed the story of Santa Clause was somehow linked with the Nativity.

“Of course I know about Jesus and Joseph and Mary, although I’m not too sure what the three wise men were doing or the Angel Gabriel for that matter,” said one of the respondents, 29-year old Craig Munro.

“It is shocking that some people in my age group don’t know the story of the Nativity, but time moves on and some traditions go out of the window I suppose,” he added, according to MailOnline.

As for how people prefer to spend Christmas, one in 10 millennials said they did not want to spend it at their in-laws’ home.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov