Some Call Him the ‘Priest From Hell’ as He Violently Baptises Screaming 2yo Girl While Shouting ‘Satan Sits Inside You’; He Will Be Judged by the Church Court


A Russian priest is to face a church court after a horrific video emerged of him violently baptising a terrified two-year-old girl.

Ilia Semiletov could be struck off after he was seen roughly forcing the naked child’s head underwater in the font three times and said: “Satan sits inside her.”

The girl is heard screaming in terror but watching adults did not intervene and there was even laughter among those standing nearby.

There were claims that the priest had twice struck the girl’s head on the font during the extreme baptism but these were denied by the church and the girl’s mother.

The mother admitted the girl “cried because she was scared of the priest”, although the parents did not register a complaint.

The mother has said she was “grateful” to the priest for baptising her daughter.

A worried woman parishioner Liliya Reznikova said the priest had told her that children – other than newborn babies – must be “broken” during the baptism ritual because “Satan is sitting inside them”.

She said: “I remember how I was scared when he began to speak this nonsense.”

In the video, water gushed out of the font onto the floor as bearded Orthodox priest Semiletov three times forced the girl’s head under water.

Nuns with mops are seen arriving afterwards to dry the puddles.

The Russian Orthodox church is planning to take action against the priest over the video which has gone viral in Russia this week – even though the baptism was two years ago.

Archpriest Mikhail Samokhin, of the Pyatigorsk and Circassian diocese, said: “The priest acted too harshly.

“He has been suspended from officiating at services and he will he will be judged by the church court.”

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Source: The Sun