Mark Zuckerberg Lost $15 Billion this Year, More than Any of the 500 Richest Billionaires in the World

Mark Zuckerberg could be ending the year about three-fourths as rich as he was coming into it.

Mired in controversy throughout the year, Zuckerberg’s net worth started at around $75 billion on January 2, and he’s set to finish at least $15 billion less when the year comes to a close — a greater loss than any of the other 499richest people in the world.

The Facebook founder’s 13% stake in the company makes up almost all of his fortune. Accusations of the platform’s role in Russian election interference and the mass genocide in Rohingya put a closer eye on Facebook, and the unraveling revelations of data breaches and unsavory practices at the executive level that followed led to a number of stock price drops. As the person holding the reins for the entire operation, Zuckerberg has been held accountable personally and — as the chart below shows — financially.

It goes without saying that his accountant probably isn’t too worried about his declining fortune, which also includes $2.4 billion in “cash and other assets” and $175 million in real estate according to Bloomberg. But the events of 2018 have done the unprecedented for Zuckerberg: his net worth backtracked to where it was almost two years ago.

Here are the events of 2018 that brought Zuckerberg’s total net worth down.

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