Karl Vaters: We Need More Better Churches, Not More Big Churches

More isn’t always better.

No one wants more heartache, more tragedy, or more loneliness. Unless you’re trying to write a hit country song.

In fact, it’s not just bad things we don’t want more of. No one wants more of an average meal, a typical day, or a mundane job, either.

More is only good when it’s a byproduct of being better.

It’s the same in the church.

Is It Worth More?

For so many years, the main (only?) metric we’ve used for measuring church success has been attendance at our weekend services.

We’ve been taught how to break growth barriers, how to duplicate the numerical success of other churches and how to adapt our methods to prepare for numerical increase.

But we seldom ask ourselves if what we’re doing is worth having more of.

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Source: Christianity Today