Trump Reportedly Spoke With Jared Kushner About Becoming Chief of Staff

Donald Trump is not getting his reported first choice for chief of staff, so he’s looking to family, according to multiple reports.

On Dec. 8, President Trump announced that his current chief of staff, retired General John Kelly, will be leaving his post by the end of the year. And while the president said, “I appreciate his service very much,” according to the AP, there has been tension between the two men and Kelly was almost ousted from his role multiple times.

After the vice president’s Chief of Staff Nick Ayers turned down the offer to replace Kelly, the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner — who is currently senior advisor to the president — is now a contender, according to CBS.

Kushner, who is married to the president’s daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump, met with Trump on Wednesday to discuss the position, CBS reported.

An anonymous source told Reuters that recently “numerous people” have recommended that Kushner fill the role because he is close to Trump and has had successes, like helping to create new trade deals with Canada and Mexico, according to the outlet.

“It’s possible that this is why this is appearing at this moment in time, especially because what everyone knows you need is someone who has a good relationship with the president,” the source told Reuters.

But the president’s son-in-law is content where he is. “He’s not currently inclined to pursue it,” the source told Reuters.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders denied knowing about Kushner’s candidacy.

“I’m not aware that he’s under consideration,” she told reporters, according to Reuters. “But as I think all of us here would recognize, he will be great in any role that the president chooses to put him in.”

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Sam Gillette