Jeff Iorg: A Wounded Warrior’s Baptism

Over the years, a few people have asked me for a private baptism experience. I have always declined.

A private ceremony undermines key purposes of baptism — a public witness of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and public identification with a community of believers.

People have usually asked for a private baptism for these reasons — their pride, concerns about embarrassment or claims their “faith is a private matter.” All of these reasons strike at the core of why public baptism is important. None of them have convinced me that private baptism is a good option.

But a recent experience in a worship service showed me sometimes it might be the best option.

A pastor — who is well-known for his conservative convictions — told this story. He had met a woman and invited her to church. She later introduced the pastor to her husband who has severe PTSD. This wounded warrior is crippled emotionally, psychologically and spiritually — so much so he seldom leaves his home or interfaces with anyone outside his immediate family.

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Source: Baptist Press