Church in Delaware Forced to Remove Nativity Scene from Public Area

The creche was placed at the Bandstand Tuesday morning by St. Edmond’s Knights of Columbus.

A church in Delaware was compelled to remove a manger scene they had placed at a public area despite being reportedly told earlier that it would be acceptable.

St. Edmond Catholic Church of Rehoboth Beach put up a traditional nativity scene earlier this month at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, a popular public space.

However, soon after the crèche was set up, the church was informed by the city that they had to remove it from the bandstand area.

Krys Johnson, spokesperson for the City of Rehoboth Beach, told The Christian Post on Monday that the nativity was removed because St. Edmund’s lacked permission to put it on public property.

“The church did not have permission from the city to place a nativity scene on city property,” explained Johnson, who added that there “have been no nativity scenes allowed on public property in recent years.”

“The city would like to avoid appearing to endorse or disapprove of any one type of religion. Had any other religious organizations contacted the city, the response would be the same.”

However, the church claims that they did indeed receive permission, directing CP to an article in the Cape Gazette in which St. Edmond parishioner Patty Derrick was interviewed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski