Dozens of Christians Protest in Ohio Town to Bring Back Nativity Scene After Court Rules in Favor of Atheist Foundation

Dozens of Christians have been protesting in a town in Ohio against the city’s decision to follow an atheist demand and not allow a Nativity scene this Christmas at the courthouse.

Another Ohio town has pushed back against the same demand and said that it will continue displaying its Nativity, however.

The Record-Courier reported that between 40 to 50 Christians protested outside of the Ravenna Courthouse Lawn on Saturday, urging Mayor Frank Seman to allow a Nativity scene to be displayed there.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, an atheist group which has been filing lawsuits around the country concerning separation of church and state cases, had written a letter last year warning Seman over the Christian display.

Seman told community volunteers the day after Thanksgiving that there will be no Nativity this year at the courthouse, explaining that he had to uphold the Constitution and make sure the city does not get sued.

The Christians protesting on Saturday said that the town should have a Nativity, however.

“We would like to have the Nativity scene come back on the courthouse lawn,” said David Ballert, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Ravenna. “I’m here with my people because we care very much about the Lord Jesus Christ … I believe Ravenna is a great town. I believe that a town deserves to have Jesus Christ in it.”

Ballert revealed that the church members protested on Dec. 1 and are planning to return to protest on Dec. 22 as well.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov