100 Christian Leaders and Students Arrested in ‘Heinous’ Raid by Authorities at Church in Chengdu, China

Close to 100 Christian leaders and students were arrested on Sunday at a church in Chengdu, China, with a prayer letter claiming that three believers were tortured.

Persecution watchdog group ChinaAid said that among the arrested at Early Rain Covenant Church were Pastor Wang Yi and his wife, Jiang Rong, as well as Guo Hai and his wife, who were forced to leave their child unnattended at home when they were taken into custody.

Another church elder, Qin Defu, was forced to the ground by security officials as his residence was inspected.

A translation of a prayer letter released by the church claimed that three Christians taken by police, and then freed, were tortured.

“Three brothers and sisters who have been released told us that they were [tortured] by police at the police station today and even stepped on their feet. One of the brothers was tied to his hands and feet at a late night and was detained all day, and the leg was tortured in multiple ways, and the body was injured with multiple injuries. These evils are heinous,” the letter read in part.

“A brother said the police didn’t give him a sip of rice in 24 hours, didn’t drink a sip, was deprived of rest time and was tied to the chair all night for only two or three hours,” it added.

The Communist Party officials had police surround the entrance of the church with vehicles before they broke in on Sunday, and began arresting Christians without providing a detailed explanation.

“We are enforcing laws. Our process is to summon litigants and require them to cooperate with the investigation. you all should follow our process … What else am I supposed to tell you? You are not supposed to know some details, so you can never know. It is us rather than you who enforce laws,” one of the officers reportedly explained.

The crackdown on Christians in Chengdu continued into Tuesday, when believers from the church who went into hiding were tracked down and arrested.

Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness released a video on Sunday showing one of the confrontations when a Christian was taken from his home, and his wife questioned by police.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov