Lauren Daigle Meets with Children’s Hospital Patients

Christian singer Lauren Daigle recently visited numerous young patients staying at the Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando.
The recording artist took to Instragram to share her experience, writing: “We started off at Florida Hospital for Children learning about music therapy and it’s importance in healing those facing health challenges.  I have always had some interest in how music affects not only the emotional part of a human but also the physical makeup.”
“It was amazing to see how these children came alive at the sounds coming from bells and wooden instruments,” Daigle mentioned. “All the struggle melted away.  I saw eyes light up and smiles sneak in.  I learned so many things this day, but one thing I hold dear: inclusion of people always wins.”
A particularly memorable part of Daigle’s visit was when she met a young patient named Gabriel.
“I met Gabriel today.  He lit up the entire hospital,” the singer wrote. “He would sing at the top of his lungs and laugh with joy that would shake your bones.”
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Source: Christian Headlines