John Stonestreet: The Eternal & Good Truths Revealed in the Passing of President George H.W. Bush

So many of our recent shared national events have reminded us of the sin and evil in our world. This past week, we were reminded of things both true and good.

I was both surprised and moved by the sheer number of personal letters and stories and memories shared about President George H. W. Bush. One in particular, shared by Alliance Defending Freedom CEO Mike Farris, stuck with me as I watched the ceremonies and remembrances of our 41st President.

“I was in a meeting with top Christian leaders while we interviewed then-Governor [George W.] Bush as he was running for the GOP nomination. This group clearly preferred President Reagan’s policies over those of George H. W. Bush. Governor Bush’s answers were very much in the mold of Reagan.”

Farris continued, “We all saw the clear distinction between the two Bushes in terms of their policy views. One questioner asked the Governor to say it out loud, that he was more aligned with Reagan than his own father.

The Governor was emphatic: ‘I will never dishonor my father.’”

So many of the recent cultural events we’ve experienced together as Americans, from pop culture to politics to violence, are reminders of how far humanity has fallen since Eden. G. K. Chesterton once remarked that the Fall of man is the most verifiable of all Christian doctrines. But the Fall isn’t the full account of how we are described in the biblical account of reality.

Last week, as the nation mourned the death of President Bush, we were reminded of some of the immutable goods that are part of our shared humanity as image bearers of the God who made us. After all, according to the Genesis account, when God created us He pronounced what He had made as “very good.”

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Source: Christian Headlines