David and Jason Benham: The War on Christmas and Why We Celebrate Jesus’ Birth

What’s the root word of “Christmas?”

Can you whisper it to yourself?

Now that you’ve said it, do you know why we celebrate this holiday?

Webster’s Dictionary says it’s the “festival commemorating the birth of…(wait for it)


Because Christ is the root word of Christmas.

Can you imagine commemorating your father’s birth, with a huge birthday bash where some people who show up refuse to even acknowledge it’s your dad’s birthday…and yet they still walk away with loads of gifts?

That’d be pretty lame. Party poopers!

But we have plenty folks like that in America today, those who not only refuse to acknowledge Christmas is the day we celebrate Christ’s birth, but some who now even twist our favorite stories that don’t even include the name of Christ.

Recently, the Huffington Post ran an anti-Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer video campaign titled, “Just a Reminder: Everyone in Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer was the worst.”

This sounds like something our teenage daughters would say about their brothers. “You’re the worst!” Or what you say when there’s only one Christmas cookie left—now that is truly the worst.

But, according to the HuffPo video, everyone in Rudolph’s story is the worst, and Rudolph is now a marginalized reindeer because:

Santa was a racist, homophobic prick (still scratching our heads on that one)

His dad was verbally abusive

The school coach encouraged bullying

Donnor was a chauvinist

Clarice’s dad was a bigot

The lead elf was an asshole

And the great lesson to be learned from the HuffPo version of Rudolph is that “deviation from the norm will be punished unless it is exploitable.”

Okay. Got it.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, David and Jason Benham