23-Year-Old Christian Woman With Down Syndrome Takes a Stand Against Disability Screening

A 23-year-old woman from the UK who has been outspoken about her life with Down syndrome is taking a stand against disability screening.

Coventry native Heidi Crowter stated that her parents “are being told lies” about Down syndrome. The 23-year-old is hopeful that she can lead by example, and that her life and strong faith will defy the misconceptions held by many.
Heidi is actively involved with Don’t Screen Us Out, a campaign group focused on bringing awareness to Non-Invasive-Prenatal Testing (NIPT), a practice that will likely result in a high number of abortions in the U.K.
Recent figures for Great Britain report that around 92% of pregnancies in which Down syndrome is identified result in abortion.
In Iceland, where NIPT screening has already been introduced, the abortion rate for babies with Down syndrome stands at nearly 100%.
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Source: Christian Headlines