Vatican Astronomer Responds to Claim That Science Cannot Prove God’s Existence

Photo: AP

While science cannot definitely prove the existence of God, it can showcase indicators of a supreme being, a Vatican astronomer has argued.

David Brown, an astronomer with the Vatican Observatory who belongs to the American Astronomical Society and the International Astronomical Union, was recently interviewed by the Jesuit publication America magazine.

When asked by the publication how he responds to the claim that science cannot prove God, Brown responded by saying that scientific methods cannot prove everything.

“We have to realize science is a method able to probe and study one slice of the reality of our universe through very precise methods, but by no means does that precise methodology presume to be the definitive word on everything,” Brown replied in comments published Monday.

“… the methods of science don’t lend themselves to prove, definitely in the sense of mathematical proof, the existence of God in the way we can demonstrate things from an empirical point of view, though what science explains very much for me already reveals a profound beauty suggestive of God.”

Brown added that he believes the Bible “is not written as a science book,” with “precise language and methods and up-to-date results.”

“The Bible is the inspired Word of God, but written by human beings who had limitations of what they knew of the world when they were writing,” continued Brown.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski