Robert Jeffress Slams Minnesota Professor’s Accusation That the Virgin Mary Didn’t Consent to the Conception of Jesus Christ as ‘Blasphemous Babble’

Stained glass depicting the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus

A Minnesota professor’s accusation that the Virgin Mary didn’t consent to the conception of Jesus Christ and God acted in a “grossly predatory” manner is little more than “blasphemous babble,” says Pastor Robert Jeffress.

After Minnesota State University associate professor of Clinical Psychology & Sexuality Studies Eric Sprankle asserted that Mary did not give her consent to become pregnant with Jesus, Jeffress, pastor of the 13,000-member First Baptist Dallas responded.

“Sprankle’s comments are nothing but blasphemous babble from a liberal who is completely ignorant of the Bible,” he said in a statement to The Christian Post. “First, Luke Chapter 1 records Mary’s hymn of praise thanking God for choosing her to give birth to the Messiah. Furthermore, a sovereign God doesn’t need consent from any of us for anything He chooses to do.”

“This professor had better pray that there is no God because if there is, his goose is cooked on Judgement Day,” he added.

Sprankle made the controversial comment in a recent Twitter post, declaring: “The virgin birth story is about an all-knowing, all-powerful deity impregnating a human teen. There is no definition of consent that would include that scenario. Happy Holidays.”

Sprankle, a self-identified “secularist” who decorated his Christmas tree with Satanic decor as shown in another tweet, went on to argue that God acted in a “predatory” manner.

“The biblical God regularly punished disobedience,” he wrote. “The power difference (deity vs mortal) and the potential for violence for saying ‘no’ negates her ‘yes.’ To put someone in this position is an unethical abuse of power at best and grossly predatory at worst.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett