Natalie Grant Highlights Horrors of Modern-Day Sex Slavery During Testimony Before Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

CCM artist Natalie Grant testifies at a senate hearing on progress in the global fight to end modern day slavery. | (Photo: YouTube)

CCM artist Natalie Grant has testified about the horrors of modern-day sex slavery, revealing that during a trip to India she witnessed children being sold on the streets and saw a 6-year-old girl trapped in a cage.

During a powerful testimony delivered before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Nov. 28, Grant admitted she didn’t know sex slavery still existed until she watched an episode of “Law & Order.”

“I was deeply troubled that I had never heard of this issue before. I was deeply troubled that people in the church, we’re not talking about the ‘least of these,’ which they talk about so often, but that were being ravaged in this way,” she said.

A short time later, Grant, who appeared as a witness in the hearing as the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Hope For Justice, flew to India along with her husband.

The singer’s voice broke as she recalled the atrocities she witnessed in the country’s red light district.

“I met twin 5-year-old girls who had to have reconstructive surgery to their tiny little bodies,” she said. “I saw a 6-year-old girl in a cage looking at me through the bars of a cage. She wasn’t screaming, she wasn’t asking for anyone to bring her freedom. It was almost as if she was resigned to the fact that this was her reality.”

Thinking Grant’s husband was a potential buyer, the brothel owners allowed the couple to tour the facility.

“And as we walked through these tiny little cubicles, some with mattresses on the floor, some with beds, I will never forget walking past one that had a rope tied to the end of a bedpost,” Grant said. “And I made the mistake of asking why the rope was there. And the gentleman we were with said, ‘That’s because the girl in this room is 15 years old. She has an 18-month-old child. There’s no child care, so they tethered their children to the end of the bed while they’re forced to perform their sexual acts.’”

That experience “wrecked” her for life, Grant said, adding, “I knew that in that moment, this issue demanded my attention and my commitment.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett