Egyptian Authorities Outraged After Foreign Couple Allegedly Poses Nude Atop Great Khufu Pyramid of Giza

A video that apparently shows a foreign couple in a naked embrace atop the Great Khufu Pyramid of Giza has prompted outcry from Egyptian authorities, CNN reports. In the three-minute video, a man and a woman ascend the pyramid. When they get to the summit, the woman removes her shirt. The clip concludes with a still image of them in a nude embrace, CNN says. The video appears to have been removed. Climbing pyramids is against the law in Egypt. Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani slammed the video as a violation of public morality, insisting that the attorney general will investigate. An official with the Giza Plateau claimed that the video is phony, due to extensive security around the pyramid, and amount of light. Danish photographer Andreas Hvid, who’s known for recording images from high vantage points including with occasional nudity, said he posted the video to YouTube on Wednesday. “For many years I had dreamed of climbing the great pyramid,” Hvid told a Danish tabloid, according to CNN. “The idea of making a ‘nude shoot’ up there had also existed for some time.” Hvid claimed that he previously tried to scale the pyramid with a different friend, but was caught by police. Another friend in Denmark agreed to join him for the stunt in November, CNN said.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast