WATCH: Pastor Victor Couzens Apologizes to Church, Tells Congregation He Didn’t Use Church Funds for Sexual Affairs as Some Members Stop Giving

Pastor Victor S. Couzens of Inspirational Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, urged his congregation to “move forward” in a recent sermon in which he apologized for having sexual affairs with multiple women and revealed some members had stopped giving to his ministry because they believe he used church funds to support his lifestyle.

“Any check you have seen belongs to me, it does not belong to the church. Your tithe and your offering goes in the church’s bank account. I don’t have access to that account. I’m not a signer on that account. My understanding is that some have not been giving because they were concerned about where the money is going. If you need an excuse not to give, any excuse will do,” the embattled pastor said in a clip shared on Facebook Sunday by Larry Reid Live.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, founding presiding bishop of The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International which encompasses some 5,000 churches and 1 million members, confirmed last month that Couzens, whom he described as his “spiritual son,” engaged in “multiple” sexual relationships while he ran his 5,000-member church.

Morton’s apology came after Andrea Garrison, a 30-year-old New York City model, went public about a long-term sexual relationship she had with Couzens after she discovered he was also seeing other women and lied to her about it.

Another unidentified woman, who is an educator, shared a story similar to Garrison’s experience and alleged that Couzens paid for her education with “church checks” and took her on trips to places like Paris, France, during their time together.

A copy of one of those checks was shared with The Christian Post for the amount of $200, written on a church check earmarked as the “Pastoral Maintenance Account.”

The Christian Post reached out to Couzens on Tuesday and asked if he was familiar with the check and if he could disclose the source of the funding.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair