Superintendent of Michigan School District Defends Three Wise Men Display After Activists Demand Its Removal

A Michigan school district is being pressured to remove a Three Wise Men display sitting on top of an elementary school but the superintendent is defending it.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists has demanded that Newaygo Public Schools remove a Three Wise Men display located on the roof of Velma Matson Upper Elementary School.

The display features the wise men, also sometimes referred to as the “Three Kings,” riding their camels while presumably on their way to see the newborn baby Jesus. The display also features the Star of David located on the school’s clock tower. The wise men are positioned so that they are facing the star.

According to screenshots, the school posted a picture of the display on Nov. 24. That picture has since been taken down.

LifeSiteNews reports that wooden wise men figurines have been a part of the town’s Christmas decorations since the 1940s and were built by former Newaygo students.

Mitch Kahle, the founder of the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists, wrote a letter to Superintendent Dr. Peggy Mathis to argue that the display violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“Public schools are institutions of knowledge — not temples of religious ideology,” Kahle wrote, according to’s “Friendly Atheist.” “‘Three Wise Men’ following a ‘star’ is clearly designed to convey the Christian nativity story, while the ‘Star of David’ is the preeminent symbol of Judaism. MACRA hereby requests that all religious symbols be removed from Velma Matson Upper Elementary School. Newaygo Public Schools must not display, own or maintain these or any religious symbols in the future. MACRA also requests the prompt removal of the post promoting the religious display from the Newaygo High School official Facebook page.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith