How Should Christian Celebrities Respond When Asked About Homosexuality?

Lauren Daigle, July 24, 2018. | (Photo: Lauren Daigle Facebook page)

More than any other matter, Christians who become famous or in any way visible public figures will one day be asked by media outlets what they think about homosexuality.

The question becomes: What and how is the best way to respond?

The touchy subject has resurfaced again in light of singer Lauren Daigle, whose popularity is surging, and her response when asked on the Domenick Nati show if she thought homosexuality was a sin. She said she could not say because she isn’t God.

Several prominent voices asked her to retract, some more stern than others, while others urged people not to come down too hard and help her.

“The temptations that come with fame and influence are great, far greater than most of us can imagine. And the temptation to ‘not offend’ is always great, lest we seem like stereotyped, unloving Bible-bashers,” wrote Michael Brown earlier this week. “That’s why Lauren needs our help and support rather than our wrath.”

With legal same-sex marriage just over three years old in the United States, the debate about same-sex relationships has shifted significantly and is fraught with complicated dynamics in the younger generation, some say.

Josh Daffern, pastor of Centreville Baptist Church in Centreville, Virginia, told The Christian Post in a phone interview Wednesday that for anyone who has anything close to a public voice or a platform like Daigle has, homosexuality is “the hot-button issue of the moment not because anyone is interested in having a genuine conversation, they just want to try to discredit the other side.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter