Former LA Dodgers GM Kevin Malone Makes it His Life’s Work to Combat Human Trafficking in the Name of Christ

Former general manager and vice president of the LA Dodgers, Kevin Malone, has made it his life’s work to combat human trafficking.

Malone, who is now the president and co-founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking, is viewed as a modern abolitionist, according to his bio on the USIAHT website.

Malone works to fight human trafficking in the Name of Christ.

“We are a nonprofit, faith-based organization anointed by God to fight against human trafficking in America with truth and integrity, showing the love of Jesus Christ to all involved,” the organization writes on their website.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Malone commented on his journey to fight against human trafficking saying, “I just believe God kind of called me. If you looked up and did some research on me, people think I like to fight.”

Malone continued noting that God wanted him to use his experience fighting for wins in the major leagues to fight for wins for human trafficking victims and prevention.

“God said, ‘I want you to take all your experiences, all your talents, all your skills and your passion for Me and I want you to go and fight for kids and protect kids and make families and kids aware of the evils that are out there,'” the former MLB General Manager said.

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Source: Christian Headlines