WATCH: Pro-Life Activist Ryan Bomberger Accuses Wheaton College of ‘Demonizing a Fellow Christian Evangelical’ After His Talk on Race and Abortion

A black pro-life activist has hit back at the student body leaders of the Christian Wheaton College after a school-wide email positioned that a recent talk of his made students feel “unsafe” on campus.

The controversy stemmed from a speech Ryan Bomberger of the The Radiance Foundation delivered at Wheaton called “Black Lives Matter, In and Out of the Womb” on November 14, which was organized by the Wheaton College Republicans.

Student leaders claimed that Bomberger made several comments at the time that “deeply troubled members of the community,” making “many students, staff and faculty of color — feel unheard, and unsafe on our campus.”

The assertion was spread through a campus-wide email sent from student government leadership and the Student Activities Office.

Bomberger told OneNewsNow on Tuesday that criticism against him stems from the fact that he is “black, biracial,” and “didn’t tow the liberal racial line.”

“The great thing is there is an online version of the talk from Wheaton — so it’s all recorded,” he added, linking to the speech on Facebook.

“Yet people who opposed me had no problem — just completely making up things that were never said … distorting things that were said, and Wheaton administration has done nothing to stop these defamatory statements.”

The Wheaton Record claimed last week that part of the comments that raised concerns revolved around U.S. President Donald Trump and the Ku Klux Klan. Bomberger was asked why, as a black man, he voted for Trump, despite the latter being endorsed by the KKK’s former Grand Wizard David Duke, the Wheaton Record said. (Bomberger disputes this. See update below.)

Bomberger told the Record that the KKK is “irrelevant today, largely irrelevant.”

“They are nothing like the KKK of the past. I said they are a clown-outfit organization that’s not [as] centralized [as] it used to be, it’s not the terrorist organization it used to be, [and] it does not have the power that it used to have. I said there are bigger threats to the black community today than the KKK,” the pro-life leader explained.

Bomberger further posted last week on Facebook a screenshot of his email to Wheaton, where he accuses student body representatives of trying to intentionally mislead students about his speech.

“As is typical with ‘progressivism,’ one needs only to make the claim of offense without allowing people to examine the alleged ‘offense.’ The Dean of Student Engagement, Steve Ivester, came up to me after the event and praised me for the way in which I approached such heavy issues. But it seems that only some people’s opinions matter,” he wrote.

He later asked: “How are we representing Christ when we demonize a fellow Christian evangelical whose heart is for Christians to better understand the context of driving social issues and take more responsibility for the rhetoric and actions we employ?”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov